Why choose only approved models?

When we know that the minimum fine is 300 CHF, then 100 CHF for excessive speed thenfrom 20 to 60 CHF for each offense ... it's so much easier ... to make life easier.


The provisions valid from June 1, 2015 classify electric scooters as sub-categories of mopeds and now fully assimilate them to light motor vehicles up to 20 km / h in the traffic regulations. These machines therefore do not need to be registered and insured separately. Their driving is authorized from the age of 14 for holders of a driving license for motorcycles and from the age of 16 for those who do not have a license..


They are approved to circulate:

On the road, if there is no cycle path
On cycle paths with compulsory effecte)
On the private land as well as
On the road when it says "No motorcycles"


They are not allowed to walk on the sidewalks.

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