Who are we ?

Deline is a Swiss brand of high-end electric scooters, selective, innovative, sustainable and unique. We want the trips to be as qualitative as they are respectful, and for the service to be carried out near you without the slightest constraint.


Our main goal was simple:provide a premium service while reassuring buyers that the desired model is well approved, while ensuring real added value to your journeys of varying lengths on more or less good quality roads. Scooters legally admitted on Swiss asphalt generally cost more ... but whatever, the fine for non-compliance with the rules largely fills the gap.rt.


Today the electric scooter is everywhere, it has become the ideal partner for getting around without sweating while going quickly to all parts of the city that are more or less accessible. You can park your car further than usual and no longer have to anticipate that you will have to walk a good distance to your meeting point. You fold it up, or even padlock it, but taking it with you will always be wiser, and voila! It only remains to load it on the first take from the office, at home or on the train.e train.


Withthe emergence over and over of cycle pathss coupled with pedestrian zones or even an environmental policy on the use of public transport, we must ensure that we have a model that suits fervent car users who wish to move smoothly towards gentler mobility, without losing comfort in life. It is now becoming important to be as environmentally friendly as it is without your car, as independent and mobile so as not to wait for your bus or tram. You will be able to reclaim a significant bowl of air while silently for your ears. No stress!tress !


Simple to use, easy to transport, a penny per kilometer coste,as fast as a bicycle and 6 times faster than walkingd, you will still do the exercise to balance and gain weight, but always gently. The important thing is to move, even a little, and that will always be better than getting stuck in the bus or at traffic lights in the car.e.